Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Beauty of 4K - 16 Jul 2017

I'm finding that I can get some wonderful frames from the Sony a6300 when I shoot in 4K Video mode. At 30 fps and ultra high resolution, individual frames of 8-12 Mb can be grabbed inside Photoshop.

This male Ruby-throated Hummingbird perched near the feeder for a few seconds and allowed me to put the scope on him. If only he had turned his head just a touch more my way I would've been rewarded with a stunning shimmer of ruby-red gorget feathers.

 I kinda like how its eye spot created this streak as it flew off.

My buddy Tim and I went out to Crosswinds Marsh and found a Marsh Wren singing just a few feet away. When it popped into the open I turned the scope and video on it.

A Willow Flycatcher was also in the same patch and was chasing the wrens and Common Yellowthroats as they came into the open. We both knew that someone had a nest nearby!

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