Thursday, August 18, 2016

Two New Yard Birds - 09 Jul 2016

Yesterday evening I looked out on the thistle feeder and found a juvenile Chipping Sparrow feeding away among several American Goldfinches. I took some pics through the window but managed to delete the photos w/o transferring them to the computer...

This morning, as I was sipping coffee on the back deck, a Brown Thrasher appeared below the sunflower feeder! It was soon joined by a second thrasher that was a bit larger and brighter. A baby Brown Thrasher!

I went inside and opened the window so I could digiscope it from inside the house. Note the blue eyes on the juvenile bird, while adults have the bright yellow eyes!

Another juvenile bird appeared today, as well. A young Blue Jay came with mom and dad and helped itself to some suet. Incidentally, the Common Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds, and Blue Jays are cleaning out the suet on a daily basis. Other visitors include Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, and of course, two families of Baltimore Orioles (7 total birds).

This poor juvenile Baltimore Oriole has to rest after filling up w/ jelly.

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