Sunday, June 5, 2016

Waterfowl and Backyard Digiscoping - 17 Apr 2016

Clear skies and mild temps are the rule for the weekend. With the housework done I decided to make a run down to Point Mouillee SGA for a bike ride and some digiscoping w/ the new Sony a6300. I parked at Siegler Rd. and headed out onto the North Causeway. Five Horned Grebes greeted me as they swam in the Huron River to my left.  One was close enough to digiscope but was swimming toward the sun, so lighting was a challenge.

Nikon D7100/300 f/2.8VRII
The Long Pond Unit was hosting good numbers of Canada Geese and American Coot. A pair of Greater Scaup swam quietly among them and provided some nice images from both the Nikon D7100 and Sony a6300.

I spotted the Harris' Sparrow below the feeders at 7 pm this evening. I was able to get a few digiscoped images through the back window. The bird is still actively molting head feathers.

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