Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Horned Grebe and White-winged Scoter! - 03 Feb 2014

Horned Grebes have been (yet another) nemesis bird to photograph.  They are only seen during brief periods in SE Michigan in early spring and late fall, so it was with great pleasure to hear of 4 birds seen along the Detroit River in Wyandotte in front of John Dingell Park and Mud Island.  I digiscoped this bird along the shoreline in sub-zero weather late this afternoon as it dove and foraged just feet away from the edge of the railing.

This White-winged Scoter was also a nice bonus, swimming close enough for some digiscoped images, as well.  You can tell whether focus is spot-on by how much halo is visible at the edge of the bright white speculum.  I was happy with these despite problems posed by cold temps and distance.

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