Friday, December 30, 2011

Sedge Wren! - 25 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas from Lakeland, FL! This morning Robin and I drove over to the Circle B Bar Reserve to do a morning walk/run. Having been here just two days ago I could concentrate on looking for new birds sans binocular and scope. However, after a loop of the marsh I decided to grab the scope and go for a short walk while Robin did her cooldown.

I stumbled upon a chattering wren and managed to pish it into view. The tiny bird appeared to be a Marsh Wren, but after a few moments of digiscoping it from 20' away I realized that it was a Sedge Wren!

Note the streaked crown, and brown and tan-barred wings and back. Supercillium, or eye stripe, is visible but not distinctive.

I got a few good shots of its cinnamon-colored flanks and vent area.

Now compare it w/ a Marsh Wren I digiscoped last year. Note that it has a dark cap and more of pronounced supercillium. Wings appear plain but show some brown and black barring (not brown and tan like the Sedge Wren). Vent area is light tan, not cinnamon.

What a nice gift!

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