Tuesday, February 9, 2010

American Herring Gull - 06 Feb 2010

I first suspected this bird to be a young Great Black-backed Gull from what I felt was a rather large bill and dark eye. However, after reviewing images, it appears to be a 2nd- cycle American Herring Gull. The bill is large, but not bulky, and the gray back feathers suggest a 2nd-3rd cycle bird. However, the primaries are brown and white, and not black, tan and white as would be found in younger GBBG. Tail feathers appear to be all black. On a 3rd-cycle bird I would suspect some white to appear. - digiscoped from about 50 feet away at boat launch at Lake Erie Metropark, Wayne Co., MI 06 Jan 2010.


dAwN said...

What..did u just wake up the fella? Its got bed head.

Nice shot!

Matthew Grayson said...

Hi Jerry, I'm a Product Design student working on a digiscope that integrates with an iPhone to aid in IDing birds as well as to create social networks of birders.


I am putting up weekly progress of my work here and was wondering if you or any of your readers could give me feedback/criticism.

It would be insanely helpful to my design process to get feedback from birders of various levels of experience. Hopefully it'll be interesting for anyone involved too.

Thanks for your time,
Matt Grayson