Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loose Zoom Ring on 10-30mm? - 18 Nov 2012

Folks have been commenting that the zoom ring on the 10-30mm lens for the Nikon V1 is loose.  This can be easily remedied with a small, thin, black ring gasket that can be purchased from any plumbing supply or hardware store.  The gasket should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the lens so that it needs to be stretched over the lens. This will provide a snug fit and make the zoom much stiffer!


Andrew said...

I tried the rubber band, and this works much better.

Andrew said...

I tried the rubber band, than I got a 0-ring like yours and it works better.

Len Blumin said...

The pictures are perfect, worth "a hundred words". Brilliant solution. My 10-30 is also "loose", but since I have a straight scope it doesn't matter in most situations.
Len Blumin