Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Quick Note about Aperture-Priority - 11 Nov 2012

Over the years many digiscopers have asked whether stopping down the Aperture will improve depth of field.  The consensus appears to be "No!"  What I've found w/ the Nikon V1 that stopping down (going to higher f-stops) seriously affects exposure - in a negative way. The two images shown below were taken moments apart using the Nikon V1 and 10-30mm lens (operating in Aperture-Priority, Auto-ISO 100-400) on a  Zeiss 85T*Fl and 40X W eyepiece .

The first image was taken at f/13, resulting in the camera choosing ISO 200 and 1/100 sec.. Seriously overexposed!

The second image was taken at f/5.0, resulting in the camera choosing ISO 100 and 1/320 sec.

When you factor in ISO, there is a full 2-stop difference in exposure between the two.  Result? When digiscoping w/ the Nikon V1 in Aperture-Priority make sure the Aperture is as Wide Open As Possible! You'll get faster shutter speeds, lower ISO, and more-corrected exposure.

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