Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peregrine Falcon - 18 Aug 2012

This Peregrine Falcon was digiscoped from about 100' this morning along the North Causeway of Pointe Mouillee SGA in Monroe Co. At one point it rose up, and exposed leg bands on it feet.  I managed to capture photos of the bands, and could make out the codes: Black "78" over Red "D" on the left leg, and a magenta/purple band on the right leg. These leg bands ID'd her as a 2012 female juvie who was born on May 1 at the BP Plant in Whiting Lake County, Indiana; she was banded on May 21. Her father is Hughes, banded black/green E/09, from the Midwest Generation nest, Waukegan, Cook County, Illinois. Her mother is Nancy, banded black/green 5/*4, born in 2002 at the Midwest Generation nest, Waukegan, Cook County, Illinois.  Thanks to Mark Wloch and Steve Forstner for the link to the Midwest Peregrine Database.

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Rapaces de Costa Rica said...

Hello Jerry.

My name is Pablo Camacho, I work in the Raptor of Costa Rica Foundation (, and I could also see this beautiful Peregrine Falcon (purple band on the right leg and black "78" over red "D" on the left leg), here in Costa Rica.

I write a little note to a local newspaper in my country, and I would like to talk with you about your meeting with her (Peregrine). My email is

Best regards.